About Us

Steel India

We, STEEL INDIA is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and take this opportunity to inform that we are the proud owners of the much valued & latest machine in the technology of Sheet Metal cutting - WATERJET CUTTING & LASER CUTTING. This cutting edge Technology machine has the superior combination of the highest efficiency and unmatched level of quality in cutting parts of more than 200 varieties if materials from Stainless steel to titanium, carbon fiber to composite materials, industrial gaskets, to rubber, granite to ceramics, glass, marble, foam materials..., almost any Natural or Man Made Material - metal, stone, plastics and ,much more up to a thickness of 200mm, with superior quality.

This Waterjet Cutting & Laser Cutting helps in cutting all types of materials, big or small, flat or curved, complicated or straightforward, thick or thin. We have the appropriate water jet cutting equipment backed by the experience and expertise to deliver your goods. To meet your unique cutting demands, our services are supported by a skilled technical department working on advanced systems, enabling us to ensure the most accurate part cut with uniquely reliable performance with Repeatability of 0.002" (0.050 mm) for mass component cutting. Our Abrasive Waterjet Cutting machine not only have the power to revolutionize the component cutting processes but also helps redifne what's possible in manufacturing from medical to energy to defence and everything in between.

We have invested in this updated technology to offer wide cutting range of materials to our valuable customers like you. When you work with us, we can take your Drawing/Designs/Blue Print Drawings/Dxf files/Dwg files, .jpg or a sample and provide you with the final components with such precision & delicacy that no one can match.

Our passion for service is what makes us so distinct and our continued investment in the very latest technology means your product is being cut to the very highest standards, arrives on time and at a price you can afford. We are the standard bearer for technological excellence in an industry driven by innovation. Motivated by the Success, we are committed to the continuous development of affordable equipment that is as precise, easy to use and reliable as conventional machine tools. Fabricators looking for an affordable part production solution have met their match with us.