Waterjet Process Application/ Uses

Aerospace applications include:
» Custom control panels and structural components for special purpose aircraft such as crop dusters and oat planes
» Rough trimming of turbine blades on jet engines
» Aluminium skin, struts, seats, shim stock, brake components, titanium & exotic metals used in manufacturing landing gear
Automotive applications include:
» Flanges for custom exhaust systems
» Specialty metal gaskets for antique automobiles
» Specialty clutch components for racing cars
» Specialty brake disks and components for racing cars
» Custom skid plates for off-road motorcycles
» Intricate decorative brackets and fittings for custom cars & motorcycles
» Copper head gaskets for racing engines
» Short run production for the model shops
» JIT inventory control for piece parts on High Performance Radiators
» Custom motorcycle bodies

Medical applications include:
» Blanking out surgical instruments from special steel alloys
» Cutting artificial limb components from carbon fiber composites
» Manufacturing carbon braces and orthopedic appliances
» Making prototype medical devices for test and evaluation
» Model shop prototyping
» Water only applications; cutting thin plastic used as dividers in cases that hold medical instruments before, during and after sterilization

Glass applications include:
» Special shaped window panels for cabinets and doors
» Lens blanks (up to 2” thick) from glass and quartz
» Glass components used in the electronic and medical industry
» Optical laser parts for various high tech industries
» Custom glass panels for the space shuttle
» Replacement glass for antique autos
» Art deco mirror designs
Specialty Lenses:
» Laminated lenses for adjusting colour on HD-TV systems
Food Processing Equipment applications include:
» Components (primarily from stainless steel and plastic) for food processing lines
» Guards, enclosures, food handling and packaging equipment
» Custom food processing equipment
» Specialty liquid filling equipment
Electrical Equipment applications include:
» Custom and short run electrical enclosures and control panels
» Custom designed elevator control panels
» Components for portable generators
Semi-Conductor applications include:
» Quartz cutting equipment
» Stainless steel parts for semi-conductor manufacturing

Recreational Equipment applications include:
» Cutting composite cross bow limbs for cross bows and archery bows
» Custom triggers for firearms and rifles
» Motorcycle and ATV skid plates

Architectural Products applications include:
» Components for architectural trim and window systems
» Custom designs in vinyl, stone and marble flooring and wall coverings
» Sign letters in marble, glass, steel, aluminum, brass, plastics. Etc.
Musical Instruments applications include:
» Blank out valve components for instruments such as saxophones and clarinets
» Intricate designs from material such as mother of pearl for custom guitar inlays
Film Industry applications include:
» Cutting rigging components and props for movies
» Equipment for camera travels (i.e., rails, motion systems for cameras)
Gasket applications include:
» Copper head gaskets for racing engines
» Metal and rubber gaskets for various industries.
Model and R & D Shops applications include:
» Making architectural models to producing test fixtures and prototype components for Automobiles and R&D labs
High Production Manufacturing applications include:
» Manufacture cross bow limbs
» Punch die buttons
» Small aerospace specialty parts and lenses (sights for rifles)
Industrial Processing Equipment applications include:
» Centrifuges
» Vapour Deposition Process (VDP) Targets
» Profile knife blades for woodworking
» Profile knives for recycling composite roof tiles
» Profile knives for wood molding
Machine Tool applications include:
» Manufacture punch die buttons and strippers
Plastics manufacturing applications include:
» Polyurethane products for a variety of industries
Elevator Manufacturer applications include:
» Manufacture elevators for high end homes, and smaller commercial applications such as Nursing homes
» Manufacture architectural components and metal fittings for elevators
Wood Stove Manufacturer applications include:
» Used in lieu of plasma for their product line requiring a better quality edge surface and on short-run production of occasional one-off unit.

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